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19 March 2014
For Master 2: all applications should be done for the 16th of April 2014 For Master 1: the deadline...
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 The Université Paris-Dauphine offers 3 postgraduate options in China

The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration- EDBA

The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA) degree is a research doctorate that focuses on business practices. Deeply rooted in professional practice, the DBA has the ambition of a PhD, but the focus on applied research makes it more suitable for senior executives looking to make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge in their area of expertise. The focus on professional practice and the applied nature of the EDBA differentiate it from the traditional PhD, which concentrates on preparing people for careers in academia and research. Awarded upon the successful completion of a part-time program of training, study and research, it aims to equip executives with the most complete and up-to-date knowledge of management sciences.

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Executive Master of Business in Luxury

Luxury is not anymore just a matter of rare and high-level craftsmanship. It is now an industry which relies on both an efficient distribution network, on excellent craftsmen and on inspirational artists. Mixing all these competencies is at the core of the success of great luxury brands. The globalization helped the development of European top brands. However emerging countries are not anymore luxury buyers; they also become producers. China great ancient culture is actually a historical foundation for developing luxury brands. The Executive Master of Business in Luxury trains professionals to the codes of luxury, in a part-time executive master in Shanghai and in Paris.

The Executive Master of Business in Luxury is an original training program to high-level managers to acquire elements of expertise and know-be of the luxury sector.

This degree from the University Paris Dauphine, is proposed in conjunction with Shanghai Jiao Tong University for greater immersion in the Chinese industrial sector. The diversity of participants fosters intercultural and development of professional networks.

All courses are taught in English and simultaneously translated into Chinese.

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Master of International Business Management & NCT Projects

Launched 9 years ago with and for companies, the MIB program is constantly adjusting to meet companies' needs. Our achievement has been proven through our long-term corporate and academic partnerships, our alumni's great careers and our high level in national rankings.

 Combining classes and an apprenticeship experience, the MIB program helps students learn and master the following skills :

  • International management and cross-functional project abilities, 
  • General knowledge in new technologies and digitalization issues,
  • Critical thinking and business acumen.

Our learning approach is base on interactives classes, case studies and team projects with both international professors and top-level executives.

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